October 1st, 2001


past revisited

Went with Kirsten to the last SoFa Street Fair today. It's been over a decade since I last saw them play, but X were so good... better, more driven, yet more fun than the first time I saw them. If there was any letdown, it was the crowd, who were less than enthusiastic... a festival crowd where most people didn't know and probably didn't get the band or understand why every song wasn't treated like a pop single.

It was a hot day, but the band held up well. John Doe with a traditional white t-shirt, Excene Cervenka wearing a red gingham waitresses outfit with a blue gingham apron and black sunglasses... they drove nonstop through a set that was very classically punk, yet still managed to really connect with the crowd... or at least those people who came to see a truly legendary band. Next time, I think I'll see them in a smaller club with a better crowd, but they play around here rarely enough that just seeing them was a real treat.

After the show, I stopped by the KSJS booth at the fair, where they were selling CDs that were obviously rejected by used CD places before they ever turned up for sale. Ten CDs for five bucks... the amusing thing was that the CDs they were selling were CDs from the "old library"... in other words, the same CD's I played over a decade ago, several which I recognized, some which I bought.

As much as I like delving into my past now and then, something about doing so makes me want to reinvent myself. Can't afford to get too comfortable in life -- gotta stir the pot. Without a modern context, the past is inaccessible. You just had to be there...
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This is going to be a dangerous community... I'm apparently quite doable!

I'd make a list myself, but the advantages of potentially getting sexed by dozens of LiveJournalers are outweighed by the possible embarrassment involved. Does this make sense to you?! Me neither. Ah well, some of you already know... and the rest of you can bloody well guess. Hmm... I wonder whether I should create a LiveJournal Customer Service department?! ;->

Mmmm... it was a hot day today, so I am chilling off with a rather large, potent lemon drop... though it's made with absolut mandarin, so I guess it's something else entirely. It's yummy. Hope you're yummy too...