September 25th, 2001


putting things in perspective

LiveJournal users: 353,633
World population: 6,175,614,534

5.73 LiveJournal users per million earth inhabitants.

World population increase per day: 6,530,000
WTC disaster effect on this increase: 1 in 1,000.

On a 7"x10" graph approximately the size of a piece of paper where population growth is graphed from the bottom left of the page to the top right, this would register as a dip of approximately three times the width of a human hair. Assuming the table had a line width of 2/100ths of an inch, the dip would be barely visible to the human eye. Most people would not notice it without close examination.

Number of Iraqi children who, according to UNICEF, have died from embargo-related causes: approximately 1.5 million. This would register as a dip of about 1.6 inches in the same graph as mentioned above.

Decrease of the Dow Jones Industrial Average due to Iraqi deaths: negligible.

Decrease of the Dow Jones Industrial Average after the WTC disaster: 16%.

(Just goes to show you that this world values money far more than people...)