September 20th, 2001


scraping by...

Kirsten and I are going through a rough patch right now... too many unexpected expenses going on in life, unfortunately. Things should get better a month or so down the road, but for now it's kind of difficult. Having to get used to being poor again... no more nice restaurants every day. Sushi and Thai restaurants will definitely be a rarity for the next several months.

As a result, we are basically trying to live off of all those weird things that have accumulated in our pantries for the past several months... Technically I have a bit of money socked away, but I'm going to need it and I'm not about to spend it if I don't need to. As for what stocks I do have, they are seriously in the dumps.

So I cleaned out the fridge, which was full of unopened cello bags containing salads and veggies dating back before Burning Man, all in varying states of decomposition. Thankfully, underneath all that rotting vegetation, I found some fresh cheese, ripe plums, and a full bottle of Absolut Mandarin that somehow adaeon had overlooked during his stay. That brought on a bit of happiness and warranted a "Yeah, baby!"

Simple pleasures definitely have more appeal when you're roughing it. Prost!