August 19th, 2001


happy regardless

Well, I was feeling icky and nauseous yesterday, and today I feel somewhat less of each, and tired from not getting enough sleep.

Kirsten woke me up (somewhat) and I did what I normally do in those situations... I took a shower and then wound up in front of the computer. The monitor wouldn't power on though. I tried another source of power, a different power cord, etc. No dice. It is a Princeton Ultra 95E that I purchased less than 3 years ago, ergo should still be under warranty. Don't ask me for the receipt or the original box, however...

I can prove it's under warranty if I really want to be persnickety and try talking to either customer service at Fry's or customer service at my bank, but I really would rather not, so what I will do instead is give the people at Princeton a chance to make my world right again. 1280x1024 looks like hell on a 15" monitor. Princeton's support is closed today though... hrm. Well, we'll see how helpful they are tomorrow, won't we?! Hopefully I can write another post soon that says just how good Princeton's support team is and how well they honor their warranties... otherwise, all of you will never hear the end of it! ;->

So, my morning sucked, and I was feeling tired, ill, and cranky. I wasn't really in the mood for doing much, but it was Jen's birthday, so we all went to San Francisco, where Kirsten showed Jen all the "interesting" stores. Even though Jen could tell I was tired and ill, I was happy to be with her and enjoyed myself far more than I would have if I had stayed at home generally feeling sorry for myself.

The funny thing is the trip itself was kind of a letdown. The shopping felt more like a wild goose chase than not and the dim sum wasn't that good. We did get to see the happy happy guy, who is now excited about the Chinese Olympics and is calling Falun Gong a murderous cult. The Dalai Lama is still a slave owning Satanist. Happy happy happy...

...and so I'm back and I'm wind/sunburned and generally burnt in general, but I'm happy too.

Happy happy birthday.