August 7th, 2001


a friend's arrival

After months of apparently vanishing off the face of the (Western) earth, I received a surprise visit this evening from my old friend Randall, who arrived back yesterday from Singapore, Thailand, and points east. He's in town for the next week, before going back to law school. We had a drink and talked a little bit about Asia, a few techie things, and all of that.

Damn. Normally when he visits lately, my health has been spotty and we can't get in a good night of drunken revelry, but today I am actually in the mood... and the situation just wasn't conducive for a really good bender, since he would have to drive later. Well, tomorrow we're going to Betelnut, which is always good for some amazing Thai food and some good drinks, and he's staying over on Thursday, so we can take a cab out to Teske's and get in a good, proper besotting.

Ah well... think I shall sip a drink, watch Nowhere on IFC, appreciate James Duval, and maybe even have a clove. It's not full-fledged drunken debauchery, but it kinda feels like it, and it's easier on the body.