July 31st, 2001


Angsty angsty angst!

Just ordered "Totally F***ed Up" and "The Living End", two of Gregg Araki's early movies. Hopefully they will arrive one day. It would be fun to set up an impromptu Gregg Araki video festival at the house when they finally arrive.

I've come to the conclusion that the economy of tomorrow won't be based on the Internet, genetic engineering, or anything of the sort.

Nope. The real money lies in the mining, refining, processing, and repackaging of pure teen angst.

Are you aware of the great investment opportunities in the teen angst marketplace? There are rich deposits of teen angst just waiting to be stripmined, and you can stake your claim! The conditions haven't been this good for the creation of alienated youth deposits since the late '70s! Once again, there is no future! This is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to get in on this rapidly growing marketplace and become an overnight billionaire before teen angst becomes yet another devalued commodity overproduced by overseas workers.

Call today, operators are standing by...