July 28th, 2001


I'll be kicking myself later, but...

I stayed up a bit late editing photos, found an old project I was working on but never finished, and adapted it to my journal.

In other words, I have a new journal look and a new user pic for the time being. Although I've done a lot of work on all this, I'm not sure how long I'll keep them. Perhaps they are too Wm. Morris influenced and there's not enough of me in there... not sure. Then again, perhaps I won't feel motivated to do anything with them for ages. I like the job I did getting the wallpaper to be seamless, though.

Oh... and I got email automatically notifying me that both Sonic Youth and Elvis Costello are playing in Los Angeles and not in San Francisco... and Nick Cave still hasn't booked a date up here either. Is this a conspiracy?!!