July 21st, 2001


A cause worth supporting

I support good causes, and few are better than this noble effort to make Friday afternoons legally work-free.

Once 100,000 signatures have been received in the UK, the petition will go to Tony Blair - once 1,000,000 signatures have been received worldwide, the petition will go to the leaders of the free world, and President Bush.

Now if only someone would do the same thing with Monday mornings too... imagine how much happier everyone would be!

no escape from the adverts...

Advertising has gotten gratuitously more irritating than when I was younger... it's pervasive, invasive, and utterly impossible to escape lately, despite the fact that consumers don't want the intrusions.

Advertisers, in response to the threat of millions of TiVO users cutting commercials out of their diet, have a new idea on how to get brands in front of people in their own homes. Product placement. It's the way they're doing it that's different however... they're buying the rights to existing shows and movies (such as "Law and Order") and digitally adding in brand placement... adding a bag of Chee-tos on a desktop here, a Frappacino there.

I figured I'd give you all a free taste. Enjoy!

Nothing is sacred.