June 5th, 2001



I was looking into a LiveJournal abuse issue today, because someone had complained about someone who had reported them to abuse earlier. Turns out the whole thing is just this big, ugly he said/she said issue from hell. Someone (not sure who...) said something bad about someone else, who said something bad about them, etc. ad nauseum.

So we told x to stop posting abusive things about y in their journal, and they get all bent out of shape about it, because y is an immature idiot too... as if we should automatically read, know, and care about every stupid, abusive thing that someone posts out there. I've had to read these people's journals to deal with their abuse complaints... they are invariably puerile... so much so that they make my brain hurt!

Now this person wants a refund. They want to bring in the authorities and start involving lawyers. They want to basically be a pain in the ass to what is, essentially, a free, volunteer-run, open source project. They've even emailed Brad about all this. So, of course, we look into the matter and spend time that we could spend improving the site making sure that our volunteers didn't do anything wrong. Hurray! Everyone is getting abused -- especially those of us who help run the site!

God, I hate dealing with LJ abuse at times. Imagine trying to drive a car with thousands of screaming, fighting kids in the backseat. No, not the generally adorable kids that you raised... the obnoxious, spotty-faced kids that AOL/GeoCities/MSN raised. This is my journal, and my chance to tell all these abusive drama mongers collectively to fuck off and go back to whence they came. Don't like it?! Go cry a river to Ricki Lake...

So the next time you see someone complaining about how LiveJournal Abuse wants to make them sit down and shut up, please feel free to politely tell them to sit down and shut up. Thank you. -m.