May 25th, 2001


Last few days...

Ditto. I usually have general dread and apprehension meeting anyone from the online world "in real life", but Feline was an incredibly nice, thoughtful person and was a good diversion for the first day or two my DSL was down! If I have to use 56K for much longer, I will slip into deep despair. You can't go back after 1.5Mbps. You just can't...

Finally finished my latest user guide... 160 pages full of craaap about telco stuff. It will be nice getting that out of my head... maybe I can sleep in for a few days.

Internet connectivity at home still majorly sucks. Looks like Covad finally disconnected me after about a year or so... Called up an old friend of mine there who handles their TAC department, only to find out that he's getting laid off and they axed the best support team they've got. ALL YOUR SUPPORT BELONGS TO US DENVER... 'cept that the support team in Denver are notoriously bad. The company started in the Silicon Valley, but I suspect they might move the NOC and corporate HQ over to Denver too. Why stop there? Send 'em to Mexico or the brothels of Argentina, or perhaps the 3rd alley on the left in Bangkok. Wherever bodies come cheap...

It's a shame about Covad. They were the first company to stand up to the phone companies and offer DSL service, and now its uncertain they'll ever recover. They have funding until the middle of next year, so I think they will recover, but until they do, they are in the valley of the shadow of death, and things are looking none too bright right now. If they go under, you might as well just hand your wallet over to the phone/cable company of your choice. They love you and give you choice... and it's got to be true. It says so on the television.

Either way, the plug has been pulled on my DSL, but I heard from my friend of an insider way of "borrowing" cable connectivity from AT&T Broadband, since I already have them as my cable provider. Tempted, tempted, tempted...

God bless my geekily endowed friends, every one of you.

Every moment a goodbye

"TAKE CARE" - (Alex Chilton)

"Take care not to hurt yourself...
Beware of the need for help,
You might need too much,
And people are such...
Take care, please.. take care.

Some people read idea books,
And some people have pretty looks...
But if your eyes are wide,
And all words aside...
Take care, please.. take care.

This sounds a bit like goodbye
In a way it is, I guess
As I leave your side
I've taken the air
Take care, please.. take care.
Take care, please.. take care..."