May 12th, 2001


So long and thanks...

Douglas Adams died of a heart attack Friday at the age of 49.

Although generally known for creating humorous books about satire, science fiction, and the ludicrous nature of the human condition, there was a lot more to Adams that is worth mentioning... He was a skilled social satirist and a very forward-thinking writer, advancing the concepts of what writers could do. He helped create the first "hit" computer game based on a novel, helped ignite the whole "books on tape" trend, brought his stories to radio and television, helped create the rich, computerized environment of "Starship Titanic" and the concept of a "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"--a massive collection of obscure hyperlinked information (before the www existed) displayed on a small handheld computer (before PDAs existed). He also created the idea of the babel fish--a universal translator, essentially.

Just by writing a good yarn, he helped spur change in the world around him that has benefited all of us. We all owe a lot to the guy and to the kind of changes that one "good read" can bring. Thanks, Doug.

I've *REALLY* gotta move to San Francisco...

Being in the Silicon Valley and having to make the ride up to San Francisco in order to have any fun really sucks... especially considering that there are so many cool things going on there lately. (I think it's a cultural backlash to all the yuppification...)

Just got an email... looks like Chicken John bought the Odeon Bar! That means a constant supply of freaks, Porn-e-okie, sexy clowns, Cirkus Redickuless, rubber boys, Devo-esque lounge acts, Burning Man weirdness, and Subgenii... definitely sounds like a place for duckydoo to do a gig next time she hits this side of the country.

All that, combined with jwz opening up the DNA Lounge help make S.F. a much more interesting place to be. I only hope that jwz isn't going to be highly irked at me, since I think he used the old Pentium server I gave him last year for his firewall.
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