April 21st, 2001


least favorite piece of clothing...

I hate polyester-looking red blazers on women.

Think of the people who wear them...
- Republican female politicians.
- Real estate saleswomen.
- Female commentators and reporters who say that they are fair and unbiased, but are anything but...
- Women who wear garish gold earrings, make designer accessories look ugly, and wear entirely too much makeup.
- Leona Helmsley wannabes who inevitably find their way into management (regardless of actual talent) and who do mean things to their employees.
- Customer service people whose idea of customer service is to either be uncooperative or (intentionally?) stupid until the customer throws up their hands in disgust and goes away.
- Country club women with craggy, unnaturally aged faces that come from looking down on and being judgemental of everyone and everything they ever meet.
- Women who cut you off in their SUV's.

Is there anyway we could just outlaw this particular piece of clothing? Maybe we could do what discouraged people from wearing their fur in public... we can dump paint on them or something. C'mon... we've got to do something! If we don't, we'll see a lot more of them in the next four years...