April 17th, 2001


hysterical revisionism

I wanted to share a few pictures I took on Feb. 4th, but which I have been dragging my feet on. Iceblink mentions our day in S.F. here.

We went to see the Chinese New Year Parade, but it was actually disappointing. It was moved to a nighttime parade, but many of the participants didn't know that. The cheapo disposable camera I used that day didn't work out well with the parade... about the only semi-visible shot of the parade I got was this one:

grainy, heavilly zoomed and cropped crappy photo of an otherwise nice picture...

I also took a photo that day of a pigeon lady:

coo... coo...

But what I really wanted to share was my photos of the "Happy Happy" guy.

Thank you mommy and daddy... I am your new president!

The "Happy Happy" guy is one of Chinatown's true institutions. He can be found on street corners, usually ranting about the Dalai Lama. He's been doing it for quite some time, actually. He usually says something like "Happy, happy happy! The Dalai Lama owned slaves! He uses bloody human heads in the worship of his god- The Devil!!", but on that particular day, we got a special gift from him.

"Thank you mommy and daddy! I am your new president! Thank you Supreme Court! Now we don't need to vote anymore!"

I was humorously shocked. He actually made sense for a change... it almost made me believe that the Dalai Lama was a slave owning Satanist!

One of these days, he'll make sense to me, I'm sure...

How can you not appreciate the happy happy guy...?!