April 16th, 2001


Bye bye Joey...

Joey Ramone passed away yesterday, after a fight with cancer.

It's hard at times taking The Ramones seriously. Part of the reason is that they never took themselves too seriously... when seemingly every last punk band that followed in their footsteps would whine, bitch, and moan about about touring, the sound, their management, their dressing room, etc. and leave the stage in fits of temper, The Ramones were never really like that. They would get out there and put on a great show most every night, it seemed... and they kept it up for decades.

I first saw the Ramones about '89. I was working in college radio at KSJS back then, and they came down and did an interview with us. We were all duly awed by these quiet, iconic rock n' roll legends in our presence. We were a bunch of awkward teens and they made all of us feel at home, and then went out of their way to make sure that we all had tickets to go to their show that night... It didn't matter that our signal was weak or that we were broadcasting out of a broom closet ...and what a great show they did! I will always think of Joey, perpetually lunging forward on a microphone stand, singing from the top of a tall amp.

Gabba gabba hey...