April 12th, 2001


Vegas... again?!

Yeah... Vegas again. Going off tonight, since we had to use a free hotel thing before x date.

I'm actually going more to see the Grand Canyon and Sedona, however... or really just about anything but The Strip.

Why Vegas? Why not Debuque or Montpelier or Juneau... or just about any other random place?

Because we don't get free _______ there, I guess. It's really kind of a bad reason to go, but I've never seen either the Grand Canyon or Sedona, so why not?! We're flying, this time... I will probably miss my lovely Mojave.

I can use a vacation... not a lot of sleep lately. A combination of insomnia, LiveJournal email, and the best historical strategy game in ages have been keeping me up late at nights. I haven't been hooked on a game like this since Civilization, I think... or at least "Masters of Orion II".

Damn. I need cooler, less convenient things to do that will get me away from the computer. Anyone want to kidnap me and do unspeakable acts to/with me?! ;->
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