April 6th, 2001


Silly memes.

And in the wake of the global domination of "All Your Base...", it was only too obvious that others would aspire to be the next big thang.

We present, for your review, Hyakugojyuuichi. A visionary glimpse into the future of modern Asian art on the web... or not.

Art is such a relative thing... take this, for example. Yet another flash file. Gotta love it, though... simple, elegant, humorous, with nice synchronation with the music. "All Your Base..." has some of the same qualities, but this one won honorable mention in the SFMOMA Webby prize. That makes it art, right?

All this hints at an underlying need for a new awards show category, or maybe a new type of online museum, paying tribute to the web's cultural detritus... those little fragments of the Internet that serve absolutely no purpose other than to give the web a bit of character.

The web changes quick. You turn around, and the things that you took for granted just disappear...

So... does this qualify as a F*ckedcompany? ;-)