March 22nd, 2001


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This was a response to a post by womanonfire...

It's amazing how much greater an appreciation I have of adults than I used to, although I would have to admit that most adults do not interest me.

I was thinking recently about comparisons between computers/AI and humans... People, like computers, are programmed on several basic levels. There is the hardware itself, which has a considerable effect on both the functionality and the "look and feel"... there are the basic commands that load on startup... There's the operating system, which is analogous to social conditioning... and there is an AI program running on top of all of that, learning as it goes along.

Sometimes with people the AI seems to fail, or never really kicks in. Their lives are dictated almost entirely by circumstance and they never really exceed their programming in any significant way.

Sometimes the AI seems to get stuck in a terminal loop. When confronted with a situation, the AI interprets it and spits out the same response over and over. Patterned behavior reinforces itself, leaving the AI unable to handle change when it does come.

...but occasionally, the AI develops in an unpredictable, interesting manner, exceeding the confines of its design. Even when AI does exceed standard parameters, however, that in itself isn't always enough. It takes a great deal of internal processing and analysis for the AI to be truly conscious of that fact.

That, I think, is the true appeal of adults for me... the best ones aren't stuck in a terminal loop and have not only exceeded their design in interesting ways, but have had the time to internally process things and are able to intelligently discuss them.

Information is not intelligence... intelligence takes processing.

"The examined life is the only life worth living." - Socrates

... besides, it's fun to get an intelligent machine tipsy. Interesting errors ensue!
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