March 21st, 2001


More moose mayhem!

After my recent moose post, I just had to put this up...
Anyone want to buy a Ford Ka, slightly used?! ;-)

Warning... Moose may attempt to breed with this vehicle!


Sex-Starved Moose Defecates on Car

OSLO (Reuters) - A sex-starved moose in Norway mistook a small, yellow car for a would-be partner, but defecated on it after it got no response.

Leif Borgersen, owner of the Ford Ka model, told the Norwegian regional daily Telemarksavisa Tuesday that he found his car bathed in lick marks, saliva and moose excrement.

Borgersen says the moose left its mark on the front yard of his home in Lardal, about 125 miles southwest of Oslo.

``The front yard was simply transformed into an outdoor toilet,'' he said. ``I'm a bit uncertain whether I should take the risk of letting the car stand alone and defenseless on the front yard from now on.''

There was no damage to the car apart from the sideview mirror that was bent backwards.
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Need an assist...

Ok... have a ton of names. Thanks everyone! -m.

I heard today from a reporter for The Boston Globe, a very major national newspaper... They want to do a story on online journaling and are specifically interested in contacting people in the general Boston vicinity. Unfortunately, the search features are down on the site, or I would give him a whole list of people.

Does anyone have any LiveJournal friends in Massachusetts who have active, interesting journals? Please have them e-mail me ASAP and I will put them in touch with the reporter in question. I would also appreciate it if people would pass this news around a bit.

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