March 16th, 2001


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Watching a documentary on moose...

You can be fined in Alaska for feeding moose. They aren't horses, and it's not exactly the safest thing to do, unless you want to risk the wrath of 1200 pounds of potentially moody moose.

All these moose really make me want to watch Northern Exposure. I really love that show... I also love Local Hero and dearly miss Bloom County. There's a trend here. I long for a mystical, wonderfully natural small town with characters who are surprisingly eccentric, smart, and tolerant. Unfortunately, I haven't found a small town like this. They're either overrun with materialistic, image-conscious, "what will the neighbors think" judgmental assholes or ignorant, intolerant, backwater rednecks.

Still, you've gotta love the moose.

It's kinda like immortality...

Anyone have $100 burning a hole in their pocket?Brad is selling permanent memberships to LiveJournal for a very limited time only!

No, not lifetime. Permanent. For as long as LiveJournal exists... which may just be longer than you do. In addition, you'll also get a ton of space on the LiveJournal image server (which is what we're going to do with our current database server.)

Why the need for money? Because LJ is growing really, really fast... and needs to have a really, really fast database server to keep up with it. Looks like we've settled on this one. It's very scalable and should rock our world for a long, long time.

Assuming you don't have $100 sitting around, however, you can always either purchase or extend your existing membership by whatever you can afford. Every little bit helps!