March 3rd, 2001


good, bad, indifferent

Got a call from my mum... looks like my grandfather in England is going to move into a nursing home soon.

Since he doesn't want to have help with indirect relatives on the other (local) side of the pond, and since my mother (who has Parkinsons) isn't really in a position to help... and since my brother has been flaky lately, and my sister is entirely occupied taking care of real life things in her neck of the wood, I'm supposed to go over there to make sure his life and artifacts thereof are taken care of.

He has a ton of stuff, as you might expect, built up from 90-odd years of living, and a ton of stuff up in the attic, apparently. Whatever I don't arrange for/take care of will fall onto his attorney to essentially dispose of/liquidate.

In other words, it looks like I may be going off to Cirencester, possibly within the month, probably for between nine and 16 days, which would be wonderful under just about any other context.

I'm not sure about this one, however.
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