February 28th, 2001


Yes, it's technically wrong, but...

I'm going to buy the album anyway, along with a single or two, I'd suspect.

There are six mp3s from Nick Cave's new album "No More Shall We Part"</a> that are already listed as being available at Audiogalaxy. This is a good thing, since I don't want to wait for the album's release on the 2nd of April. They're going to release a special version of the album with two extra tracks, btw, and a CD-Rom with footage of the band during the recording sessions in London's Abbey Road Studios.

Did I mention lately that the record companies are a bunch of ingrates, or that their attitude towards mp3s are a very good reason for me to buy fewer albums, regardless of the fact that mp3s generally encourage me to buy more? Did I mention lately that they (and their lapdog Napster) can bite me? Yup. They sure can. Mmmm... tastes good!

Time to sleep... maybe I will be able to listen to the tracks when I wake up in the morning!