February 22nd, 2001


Work again work again diggity dig...

Here at work, listening to the Mad Professor get dubtastic on my arse...
My life is remarkably stress free, happy-go-lucky right now. That's bound to change.

Took a nice long shower this morning... I channeled Marc Bolan in the shower. He wrote some truly impressive songs, shook his thing, then split. Hm. Isn't that just like him?!?
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    mad professor - Bumper ball dub

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I started writing a poem today dealing with disjointed evidence. I think I have a strange fascination with evidence... with how we shape the little things that are all around us.

The power of objects usually isn't in the object, but the person who owned the object... Who were they? What were they like? What does the object tell us about its owner and their actions?

I wanted to intersperse my poem with pictures of crime scene evidence, so I did a search online, and found a truly interesting site... crimescene.com... the people who run the site basically make up fictitious crimes, crime scenes, evidence, etc... and the visitors to the site solve it.

I think I need a little more mystery and intrigue in my life...

Good ways to add mystery and intrigue to your life:
Take a train ride when hardly anyone else is onboard.
Walk around wearing a trenchcoat and smoking imported cigarettes, ideally after it has rained.
Travel down narrow alleyways with shoes that click on the pavement. (Double points for alleyways in Chinatown.)
Ogdred Weary.
Listen to Robyn Hitchcock's "Raymond Chandler Evening".

Anyone have any other good ideas on how to cultivate mystery and intrigue?

Maybe I should see Hannibal this weekend... or maybe I should just go to Chinatown! That just might make for an interesting local LiveJournal event!