February 13th, 2001


The inequality of snow

I work on the second story of an office building... In the Silicon Valley, this is considered a "good view"... Why? Because the valley has grown so fast that it just sprawled outwards, never growing upwards like a real city. Because the old airport is located smackdab in the middle of the whole valley, buildings can't be built over about a dozen stories anyways, so nobody bothers with the additional expense of building upwards... they'd rather just pave over everything with asphault.

Looking out from the big panoramic view that we have up here, I have an excellent view of the hills to the east, above Milpitas... and they are topped with one long stretch of white. This does not happen here often... We haven't had so much snow for 25 years... I remember that year as a kid; I walked outside my schoolroom and it was snowing! It was the first time I had ever seen it snow... Whee!

But there's no snow in the valley this time, though...

I hear the Santa Cruz mountains are even snowier... 20" of snow in all the mountains and hills, and not a single goddamn flake in the valley. To make matters worse, they close off the roads so that only people with homes on the hills & mountains (i.e. the very rich) can appreciate the snow.

This makes me very sad. I want to wrangle up a bunch of local LiveJournalers and play in the snow, but I have a feeling that all I can do is just watch the snow melt off the hills over the next few days and dream...

Pre-Valentines Day Crushes

Just got a message from that Cupid thing at The Spark that someone has a crush on me. I got a similar such thing awhile back too.

I am dying to find out, actually... but I care too much about those I have a crush on to spam you, so I decided to remove myself from the Cupid list.

Let's just put it this way... if you're on my friend's list (and, in some cases, even if you are not), I probably have a crush on you in some kind of sense. I would love to get to know all of you... I think we should hang out drinking either cafe sua' da, smoothies, or pearl tea (your choice), hit Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, go out to an exotic restaurant, have drinks in a snazzy club, dance together under the stars, get nekkid in the hot tub, and do things that we wouldn't even post in our journals! I'm officially giving all of you permission to ravish me; one at a time, or in groups of up to four... it doesn't matter. You must be at least THIS TALL to board this ride.

Alternately, you could always drop me an e-mail... I would gladly start off with the cafe sua' da, smoothies, or pearl tea (my treat) and see how it goes from there.