February 10th, 2001


a good night out...

After a bit of a late start, Kirsten and I went out tonight to the Fencesitter's Ball. We picked up Charlotte, who we had never met previously, quite conveniently along the way and proceeded to the club, arriving a bit late. The Sacramento contingient couldn't make it, so we just headed into the club. Lots of crossdressers at first... a surprising amount, really. Everything was rather low key until about 10:30, and then all the sudden, the place was packed. At least it wasn't as packed as last time... Miss K showed up, which was cool... haven't seen her around for bit.

It was very cool getting to chat a bit with Charlotte. She seems genuinely nice and unpretentious, which is a rarity these days. My life is entirely too busy as it is lately... I don't have a lot of time for soap operas!

Not only did I indirectly find out about the Bjorkish community from her profile, it also looks like she likes pearl tea! Mmmmm... Almond tea with tapioca pearls... or even just hot coconut tea! Maybe I'll have someone else to go to TC Tea with now and then.

I want dim sum for a late brunch tomorrow, so I should sleep now... zzz!

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Dim sum at The Mayflower was great! It's got to be one of the largest restaurants in the whole South Bay, and they still had a 20 minute wait. They had a fairly good selection of veggie dim sum, so I didn't have to go overboard on the shrimp and pork, which was good... I've been trying to be a fairly strict veggie person lately, but I make exceptions for dim sum and sushi!

They had these little puff pastries that were to die for... they were light golden brown in color and tasted like freshly baked french crullers, covered with what I think was vanilla sugar. Yum!

Good thing I have that gym membership at the Y... definitely hitting the gym after a little more time to deal with email and digest.