February 8th, 2001


Finds o' the day

Hanging around listening to lots of female performers and dub today whilst at work...

Been pretty interesting musically lately... and if my life is interesting musically, Audiogalaxy has a lot to do with it. If you do not have Audiogalaxy Satelite, you are working too hard to get your mp3s... I never use Napster anymore... it's just not worth the hassle, when I can choose songs from a huge catalog of music on Audiogalaxy, walk away, and find practically anything I could want in my download folder.

Among the things that I found lately are a few rare tracks from Pink Industry... formerly Pink Military. Go to Audiogalaxy... get Satellite... and get "Don't Let Go" and "What I Wouldn't Give" from Pink Industry for a nice taste of the band.

Another band worth getting today is a duo from Ireland called Skintone. Nicely done ambience with soothing female vocals. There are three tracks from their album downloadable here... though Peoplesound, the company that hosts the music, is annoying... fill out their forms with fake addresses... like webmaster@peoplesound.com... and let them choke on their own marketing cr-aa-a-ap, I say... ;)
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    SKINTONE - lennox avenue butterfly