January 5th, 2001


On the verge of the Golden Age...

I'm posting this, because I know how hard it is to get into LJ right now... I can't see my friends list, and can't see all your wonderful posts. I feel painfully isolated without all of you, actually. I also hear that some people have considered leaving LJ because of the current state of things... not sure what to say, except that we have to go through this particular flavor of hell to get to the other side. LJ is slow... painfully, unbelievably slow. Some of the slowness will be caused by the process of transitioning to the new servers.

If we were a big dotcom, we'd have someone else's money to spend and everything would be copacetic... we aren't. We only have your money, We asked for help a few months ago, and LiveJournal came to the rescue! $18,901.55 has been donated since September 19th of last year... enough to buy our new servers, Kenny and Cartman, and to pay the exorbitant costs of collocating the servers in a facility where they will be hooked straight into some seriously fast and redundant network access! For those who contributed, I thank you! It makes me very proud to be a part of something that so many people care about and are willing to spend part of their often very limited budget on.

One thing to remember... unlike all those big dotcoms, we aren't about to go belly-up anytime soon. We're here as long as you are willing to keep us online. I hope we'll all grow old together and have all of our life in our journals, spread out before us to share with each other. Who knows... our LiveJournals may outlive all of us. One day, when people want to know what life was like at the start of the new millennium, maybe we'll be there to tell them.

When will the new servers go live? They should go live on Monday afternoon, at which point you will notice a difference. Meanwhile, I suggest checking the news and changelog for the latest news. Alternately, you can access LiveJournal Chat... I know I'll be there a bit more than often than normal until the new servers are installed.

Be patient. Have faith. All will be remedied soon. Yea, verily, we will be in the Golden Age of LiveJournal! Remember it well... !