December 20th, 2000


Great Concert tonight!

Tonight at Fuel (Post St & Almaden Ave., downtown San Jose)

Lisa Dewey + Bethany Curve + Andalusia Time: 8:30 door / 9:00 show. $7 Lisa Dewey plays dreamy melodic and hypnotic soundscapes while Andalusia's compositions are ethereal and atmospheric. Collectively a beautiful moody experience. Bethany Curve supports.


Bethany Curve have been one of my "pet bands" for awhile now. I actually stumbled on their website after a recommendation from a Slowdive fan... and if you like Slowdive, you will not be disappointed! They're based out of Santa Cruz, one of the more etherial places out there...

Read a few reviews and listen to a song of theirs here, or check out their beautiful little website there.

Catch me at the show. If you don't like 'em, I'll refund the cover! ;)

Must've been some woman...!

So, is this romantic, or barbaric?

Love Rivals Convicted for Dueling

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Dueling may sound the stuff of historical novels, but three Dutchmen discovered on Wednesday that shooting it out over a woman can still land you in jail.

The two lovestruck rivals and the organizer of the duel were convicted for a pistol fight in the southern Dutch town of Best following a row over a woman, justice officials said.

``There is an old article in the law explicitly forbidding duels. But it's the first time I've ever seen a conviction,'' said a spokesman for the local prosecution service.

The stiffest sentence, 15 months, went to the duel's organizer, who shot and wounded the challenger when he saw him pull a gun even though the three had previously agreed to an unarmed fist fight. The challenger got 12 months and his opponent was sentenced to community service.

Big nasty hairy dealie...

Looks like my employer and my contract agency are really fighting it out... over me. Tollbridge wants to hire me on permanent after only about a month, while the scumsucking leach contract agency wants to make them pay out the nose to "buy" me. You'd think that they'd be happy enough pocketing $20ish an hour for my hard work and getting 20% of my entire salary for the next 4-5 months to "sell" me, right? Apparently not... they want closer to 40%, non-negotiable.

The next time I hear someone say non-negotiable, I'm swear I'm going ballistic! In business, Everything is negotiable. (Even ethics, unfortunately.) Any amount of mercenary behaviour that I have displayed over the last year or so to get to where I am today is dwarfed by this agency... Threats are flying back and forth, but I'm pretty sure my job is safe.

It feels like a slave auction... except that I'm getting paid hefty wages while I'm on the auction block. Anyone want to check out my teeth, while we're at it?!
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