December 19th, 2000


He may not post as often as he used to...

...but when he does, it's a doozy! I'm normally opposed to nonconsensual acts of violence, but I think this counts as righteous indignation!

Um... I don't think I want to move to New Orleans anymore, even if the rent is affordable. I couldn't imagine anything like this happening where I live... the scary thing is that a lot of these people can walk upright enough to vote!

Like it or hate it...'ll probably want to vote in it! The Goldengoats, that is...

I am still kinda surprised that I got nominated, much less nominated more than once! I'm normally against this kinda stuff on a personal level. It's like the prom all over again! I didn't go to the prom, but a bunch of friends and I hung out in the school parking lot inside a van, drinking a really gangly mixed drink that only teens could create. I had a really great prom night, actually... a good deal of drinking, hugging, cuddling, and some kissing... no outright sex, but we stayed up all night in a hot tub being all together for pretty much the last time. Kathy fell asleep in my arms and cuddled up against me for warmth, which made me pretty ecstatically blissful at the time. We stayed there all night and watched the sun rise... and then we crawled off inside and slept for a few hours before doing the whole thing all over again!

I need that again... Maybe it was just because everything was so new and special, or maybe it was because I had no real commitments or pressures or whatever... or maybe it was just what it felt like to be young with friends that were so close to me. I rarely feel like that anymore, and I miss it.

Still... back to present tense, the nomination is nice and I'll take it for what it's worth... part of me just feels like shouting "I'm not Jossie Grossie anymore!"

Help... I need serious web designers!

...and I figured I'd ask here first.

The company that I am working for needs to redesign its web site... but doesn't want to pay an agency $250K to do it. Here is their current site, and here is a site they supposedly like. Personally, I think they could do better, myself...

What I need to find is probably a team of web designers who aren't going to charge an arm and a leg, and who have a portfolio with at least a few corporate clients. Location may not matter as much as the ability to be fast, responsive, and, ideally, to take permanent care of their site.

Yes, I know some of you are web designers... yes, I know some of you are really good web designers... but this is going to be a corporate decision, which means that they'll want a solution that a company can comfortably sign off on.

In other words, even if you can't do this, I can use all the referrals that I can get... or we'll probably have to bite the bullet and go with someone like Razorfish.