November 16th, 2000


Vote with your presence...

This Saturday November 18th at 1 pm, there will be pro-democracy rallies all across the country in practically every region in practically every state in the U.S. There's probably one near you. Go to for rally locations.

Do you want there to be a recount in Florida? Do you believe that in an election this close everyone's vote should count? Do you think that it is fair for the Florida co-chair for George Bush's campaign to demand that counties in Florida stop all hand counting of ballots, despite the fact that the hand counts were legally requested and approved by the counties in question?

In other words, what are you going to do about it, sucker? The one way to make sure that your opinion is ignored is to not do anything... you can watch it all on TV, alone, isolated, and disenfranchised... after all, it's not like the media is going to upset you. You can eat snacks and dispassionately watch the the Republicans deny people their votes until George Bush is in power, at which point the major news networks will talk about "uniting around the president". Hell, you might even believe them, right? Why not legitimize an illegitimate president? So what if tens of thousands of voters don't get their vote counted? After all, actually counting their votes would be inconvenient... it might even take six or seven days! So what if the majority of the country voted for Gore? Better luck next time... Why bother with politics and politicians anyway, when they only disappoint us? Can't we all just stop voting, stop caring, and trust our politicians to do what is best for us? Yeah, right...

If you support the idea of pro-democracy rallies but can not or will not attend a rally, please take the time to let others know about the rallies. E-mail friends who might be interested, post the information on your website or journal, whatever... just don't sell yourself and your country short. This is a momentous time... either we will come out of this with a clear democratic result and the determination to make sure our country is really a democracy and not a republic by and for the rich, or we will be denied our birth right as citizens of the United States. We all deserve a vote and we all deserve to have our vote counted.