October 25th, 2000


Pruning my limbs...

I have had at least two or three occasions now where I have noticed that I missed LJ posts from friends that I really shouldn't miss... so after painful consideration, I have decided to prune my list somewhat, so that I don't miss what should be the bleedin' obvious. It was like pulling teeth, or choosing which digits to slice off my body. There is no good choice, of course. What is also bleedin' obvious (to me) is that I will still visit all the dearly departed sites in my "friend of" list semi-regularly. I now will perform a rare action for me, LJ... I will emote.
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Psst... can you score me some vindaloo?!

Can Curry Be Addictive?

LONDON (Reuters) - The curry has long been Britain's favorite ethnic food
and now scientists have found out why -- the spices are addictive.

Researchers at Nottingham Trent University found that eating a spicy curry
prompts the kind of physiological symptoms addictive substances often
provoke, including increases in the heartbeat and blood pressure.

And those who eat curries often build up a tolerance to spices, and crave hotter and hotter dishes, the experts found.

``What we are seeing is physiological and psychological effects combining to create an addiction,'' Professor Stephen Gray, who spearheaded the research, told the Times newspaper on Wednesday.

``Curry gives you a natural 'high' much more powerful than anything you get with traditional British foods,'' he added of the study, based on the responses of 100 volunteers aged from 10 to 80.

To Have and Have Not...

Le sigh...

I have been Jonesing for this movie for a couple hours now... I think I recorded it somewhere. Urrgh... I should watch it again.</p>

Sure, it's not Casablanca... but then again, Casablanca didn't have Bacall... and that makes all the difference. To Have and Have Not was Bogart & Bacall's first movie together, and the chemistry was something else... they fell in love during the making of this film, and it shows.

The movie features Hoagie Carmichael as Cricket, the very hip piano player du jour... I wish I had a bar nearby with just such a character. I would be drunk on the atmosphere alone... Here's an mp3 of "Hong Kong Blues", which was featured in the movie.

"I need someone to love me... need somebody to carry me home to San Francisco... and bury my body there."

But of course they don't bury people in San Francisco anymore... it's against the law, due largely to the Great Earthquake of 1906. Liquifaction does strange things, and there is something very disturbing about seeing bodies rising out of the ground. That's why they have Colma, city of the dead...