October 24th, 2000


Further adventures in kriek...

I came to the conclusion recently that I will not be happy until I have a regular supply of affordable world-class kriek lambic, or cherry ale, for the uninitiated. Unfortunately, the only local vendor for kriek lambic is Merchant du Vin, which imports Lindeman's Lambics.

Fortunately, there is hope on the horizon, I think. I was doing a search on cherry ales and discovered that the best cherry ale in the world just might be made in America! New Glarus Brewing Co. of Wisconsin bottles a cherry ale which beat out numerous Belgian kriek lambics to win a gold medal at the Brewing Industry International Competition. I've got a phone # for them... 608-527-5850. I sure hope they can deliver... ;)

Oh... and just to keep things entertaining, I stumbled upon this... perhaps the best Internet television commercial yet made! An 8.8 on the ROFLMAO scale! If they have any marketing sense at all, they should put this ad on during The Man Show! Ziggy-socky-ziggy-socky-hoy-hoy-hoy!