October 23rd, 2000


Sardines in a can... with an in-flight magazine!

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of complaints against airlines squeezing their passengers into smaller and smaller seats with less and less legroom. For most people, this is just an annoyance... but it looks like it can also be fatal.

UK Woman Dies of 'Economy Class Syndrome' -Reports

LONDON (Reuters) - A bride-to-be collapsed and died from a condition known as ``economy class syndrome'' just minutes after getting off a flight from Australia to London, British newspapers reported on Monday.

Emma Christofferson, 28, developed deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a blood clot associated with long distance flights, while traveling home to London from the Olympic Games (news - web sites) on a Qantas flight via Singapore.

The Marks & Spencer sales assistant complained of feeling unwell on the last part of the 12,000-mile (19,310 km) trip and collapsed in the arrival hall at Heathrow airport. She died 10 days ago, before reaching hospital.

The condition is frequently caused by long periods spent in cramped conditions. Tightly packed seating -- such as that found in the economy class section of airliners -- can restrict movement and trigger the blood clot illness.

A post mortem confirmed the cause of death as DVT, in which a blood clot in the leg works its way into the heart or lungs. Sudden death is a likely outcome.

A spokeswoman for Qantas was quoted as saying: ``The safety of our passengers is always of paramount importance and we refer to the possible effects of flying in our in-flight magazine.''

It advises passengers to move their legs and feet for three or four minutes per hour to improve circulation.


Um... excuse me? They want me to read in their in-flight magazine about how they know they may kill me because they chose to give me absolutely no space to move... and then they have the gall to tell me that the solution is to move my legs? How about if I move my size 13 Doc Martins right up their arse?!!

I normally hate excessive law suits, but oooooh it would be a nice idea; maybe it would scare airlines enough that they would start treating their passengers like people again...

Where do you stand?

One thing that seems to be missing in the presidential election is issues... The American people, as a whole, seem to be more impressed with short, focused messages rather than candidates who express opinions on complex issues. I mean, who has the patience to actually learn anything about the issues? It's all fuzzy math...

Well, web to the rescue! I found a site that every apathetic voter should go to. It allows you to enter in your position on issues and it provides you information on which candidates's beliefs most closely match your own... which is information that everyone should know before voting.

Not surprisingly, the candidate that I most closely matched with was Ralph Nader, who, apparently, has been consistently getting higher attendances at his speeches than either Gore or Bush..

BTW - Visit http://www.billionairesforbushorgore.com... it's the best, most depressing, most sarcastic political site I've seen this election.

Mucho mas LiveJournal Chat...

I wanted to let you all know... I created brand new docs this weekend for LiveJournal Chat, my little web-based chat system for LiveJournal that makes it possible for IRC novices to easily connect and chat with other LiveJournal users.

One of the things that I documented was how to link your journal page directly to LiveJournal Chat... I even found a way to add a LiveJournal Chat link (or any kind of link, really...) to journals owned by unpaid users or those who haven't created a style for their journal site.

As far as LiveJournal Chat goes, I could use some feedback on how well it works (or doesn't work) for you, since I am trying to make sure that this implementation will work for another website I am creating. (I'd tell you all about it, but I'd rather wait until I have actually got the site up first. That way I'll feel less stressed if it doesn't get off the ground any time soon...)

If you have the time, take a look at LiveJournal Chat and let me know what you think.

goofy girl strikes again!

Kirsten and I were in the computer room, geeking around and watching cartoons... Bugs & Daffy were just starting... Kirsten mentioned that she was going to go to the bedroom to lie down and get comfortable for a bit, and was halfway out the door when a new cartoon came on.

"Oh... this is a good one! Rhapsody Rabbit..." I said.

"Rhapsody Rabbit!?!" Kirsten immediately got excited... I mean REALLY excited! She rushed to the phone and started dialing profusely...

"Calling your mother?" I said. There was no answer... she was too obsessed with getting through to her mother, who used to teach piano. Apparently this particular cartoon had significance...

"Hello?!" Kirsten said, " ..... Hey, put the television on the Cartoon Network!! " [pause] "It's a really good cartoon!!!" [longer pause...] "Is Mom there?!" [pause] "Oh..." [awkward laugh] "Sorry!" [clik!]"

"What's a matter?" I said...

"Wrong number..."