October 22nd, 2000


The good and bad of it all...

Bad news first -
The Masquerade dance that I went to tonight was fine... with the exception of a really, really unfit DJ. If the event had played the kind of music they mentioned, it would have been fun, but one bad DJ can ruin an entire evening, unfortunately.

Good news -
I took a few pictures...
The event had a few vendors, and one of them had something that was uncannily appropriate for me to post.
Barbie of Willendorf
Barbie of Willendorf! This, if anything, is the final stroke... the flogging of the proverbial dead horse. No more Barbie rants for at least another couple of years.

I also have a few pictures of me in my costume...
feathers unruffled

feathers ruffled

Since the evening wasn't perfect, I decided to do a few things that would make me happy... watched The Princess Bride, drank a kriek, and smoked a clove... I'm in a generally positive state again, so I think I will do a bit more web work and maybe use the LiveJournal chat a bit.