October 19th, 2000


LiveJournal Chat!

Did anyone else read the news awhile back about LiveJournal having an IRC channel? I thought it was very cool, in that it allowed numerous LJ people to converse together as a group, but at the same time, I was somewhat disappointed. Most people really don't want to learn about IRC... and frankly, I don't blame them. I also wanted a way for anyone who visits my journal to go a chat room...

That's why I made a prototype called LiveJournal Chat! It uses a Java applet to connect directly to the LiveJournal chat room... no configuration, no banner ads, no messy learning curve... just pure chat flavor!

I have added a link to LiveJournal Chat from my LiveJournal page ...and you can too, if you'd like! Just add a link from your Modify Journal/ Edit Style page with html that looks something like this:

<a href="http://www.freespeech.org/insomnia/chat/">&gt;
LiveJournal Chat!</a>

Huzzat!!! -M.

Barbie's a bitch...

...and I thought she was kitsch. >sigh<

I was watching my daily dose of cartoons, when I saw ads for the latest Barbie stuff...

It seems like the new marketing focus for Barbie is to turn young women in to ugly Americans.

Barbie, when she isn't modeling, is cashing in Ken's stock options to buy no less than three houses! She's got the Beach Bungalow, The Rock 'n' Roll Radio House, and of course the Dream House...

Sure, that's kinda to be expected, but what annoys me is that she is so damn trendy that she had to go out and get an airplane, a Mustang Convertible, a Beach Cruiser, a SUV, a Ferrari 355... and now she has a new Volkswagen Beetle!
Barbie depletes the ozone layer in her new VW Beetle

Barbie is a shitty driver... you can catch her holding up traffic, talking on her damn cellphone! And where does she drive? To the mall, of course, to buy more crappy Barbie stuff on her credit card.
Barbie maxes out her Visa... what does it matter? She doesn't have to pay the bill!

I wish they'd make the Barbie Asset Seizure playkit, or perhaps the Barbie Correctional Facility, for when she gets arrested for credit fraud.

Just think of all the interesting new friends Barbie can make in jail... Now there are some toys I would buy!

Ye Gads! (and Gaddesses...)

I normally see these tests and run away, but I have this thing for Greek Mythology, so I figured I would find out what kind of God I am. They have a Goddess test too, if you are interested...

Looks like I am Dionysus, by a 2-1 margin. Big surprise there...

Dionysus was the god of wine (and
cheer) and vegetation, and a son of
Zeus. Men who are ruled by Dionysus
have a mysterious quality that often
draws the attention -- and sometimes the
worship -- of women. They are
imaginative, intuitive and inspirational.
Dionysus men are good and gentle to
those who respect and pay attention to
them, but to those who wrong them,
they are dangerous foes. They can bring
madness, violence, wildness and terror.
Dating a Dionysus man can feel blissful
and comfortable (they have feminine
qualities), and don't be surprised if any
former inhibitions you once had suddenly
disappear. Be careful, though: Falling for
such a man usually means falling hard,
which can make the breakup (if there is
one) much more painful. Dionysus men
have a way of making women feel more
feminine, and often more emotional, too.
They bring a sense of freedom that can
feel liberating, yet also scary. For those
who can handle this newfound flexibility
and freedom, a relationship with a
Dionysus man can be life changing in the
most positive way; for those who cannot
handle this sudden departure from a
routine, ordered existence, such a
relationship can be disturbing, even