October 18th, 2000


The cricket days...

Here is a post of mine in response to a post from eNZedder...

As much as I hate Fox News, I was very, very surprised to see Fox Sports (a new station where I live) carried the India/New Zealand cricket match, albeit in a 1 hour condensed version. (I assume that they are starting to have some cricket coverage to appease all the expatriot Indian and Pakistani engineers our computer companies have attracted...) I was completely happy and otherwise overwhelmed when New Zealand managed to pull it off... (After all, India outnumbers your country about 200 to one, and they have those wicked bowlers!)

I'm one of the few Americans I know who actually knows anything about cricket. When I was 19 and working at a college radio station handling nightclub promotions, I got to know a British club owner who was quite a cricket fan. Unfortunately, he never had the chance to get a game together... at least until he booked a band who was also quite fond of the game.

To make a long story short, I was (inadvertently) a founding member of the Santa Clara Cricket Club, and the first time I played the game was against the band Hunters & Collectors! It was a lot of fun (and a lot of Bass!), the band was a great bunch of guys ...and boy did they clobber us! ;)

Farewell to the Pumpkins...

Looks like the Smashing Pumpkins are on their farewell tour, and have just announced their final two shows ever, taking place in their hometown of Chicago, IL.

It seems unfair in a way that they aren't touring the entire U.S. first, but the globe is a pretty arbitrary place... you have to put your finger on it somewhere and call it the end.

Remember when the Pumpkins were on The Simpsons?

Homer - "Thanks to your gloomy, depressing music, my children no longer hope for the future I can not afford to give them."
Billy Corgan: "Yeah, we try to make a difference."

Live Journal = early sign of mental illness?

Here's a post I did in response to dzdelirium's obvious cry for help. I feel kinda bad for starting her down the path of her LJ-induced mental illness... or at least giving her a good push. I don't know what to think... maybe we should do an intervention.

Come to mention it, a lot of you out there have these symptoms...

You're next. Oooh, you're soooo next!

What have I wrought? I am getting worried about you, lately. You were so comfortable, so emotionally stable and balanced... maybe not happy or emotionally alive, perhaps, but a comfortable little worker.

Look at you now... you babble obsessively to friends about LJ like some sort of deranged homeless person.

Just examine your own words for the meaning:
"I am a mosaic of tendrils" = disorganization and instability in self-image, borderline personality disorder.

"bursting electric" = electrical shock sensations, seizures. Possible pyrodoxine (vitamin B6) deficiency, biochemical imbalance.

"radiating songs not of meaningless words but sounds that mean much." = auditory hallucinations, possible schizophrenia

"I'm consumed with the beauty of scratches..." = obsessive-compulsive disorder, warning signs of self-mutilation and suicidal thoughts.

Take a look here... it is a list of the first warning signs for mental illness... let's see which ones apply to you.

Depression, an inability to sleep, sudden shift in basic personality, hyperactivity, inability to concentrate, preoccupation with the occult, indifference, dropping out of activities, drug or alcohol abuse, unusual sensitivity to stimuli (noise, light, clothing),inappropriate laughter, bizarre behavior (skipping, wearing torn clothing exclusively, etc.), irrational statements, strange posturing, rigid obstinacy...

...and the most telling signs:
- excessive writing (or childlike printing) without apparent meaning
- Peculiar use of words or language structure

Come back to us, dear...