October 4th, 2000


Some of my favorite lyrics...

It reminds me of every love I've known...
A thousand different faces of a thousand different people,
are they all a reflection of something greater...
... or something hidden away inside me?
Mother Of Pearl - Roxy Music

Turn the lights down Way down low
Turn up the music, hi as fi can go
All the gang's here... Everyone you know
It's a crazy scene...
Hey there, just look over your shoulder
Get the picture? No no no no .......(Yes)

Walk a tight-rope... Your life-sign line
Such a bright hope... Right place, right time
What's your number? Never you mind...
Take a powder
But hang on a minute what's coming round the corner
Have you a future? No no no no .......(Yes)

Well I've been up all night (again?)
Party-time wasting is too much fun
Then I step back thinking of life's inner meaning and my latest fling
It's the same old story, all love and glory
It's a pantomime
If you're looking for love In a looking glass world
It's pretty hard to find
Oh mother of pearl, I wouldn't trade you for another girl...

Divine intervention, always my intention
So I take my time...
I've been looking for something I always wanted...
But was never mine
But now I've seen that something, just out of reach - glowing -
Very Holy grail
Oh mother of pearl, lustrous lady of a sacred world.

Thus: even Zarathustra, another-time-loser
Could believe in you
With every goddess a let down, every idol you bring down
It gets you down
But the search for perfection, your own predilection
Goes on and on and on and on...

Canadian Club love, A place in the country
Everyone's ideal...
But you are my favorita, and a place in your heart, dear
Makes me feel more real
Oh mother of pearl, I wouldn't change you for the whole of the world...

You're highbrow, holy...with lots of soul
Melancholy shimmering
Serpentine sleekness was always my weakness
Like a simple tune
But no dilettante, filigree fancy
beats the plastic you
Career girl cover exposed and another
Slips right into view

Oh looking for love in a looking glass world...
Is pretty hard for you

Few throwaway kisses, the boomerang misses
Spin round and round
Fall on feather-bed quilted faced with silk
Softly stuffed eider down

Take refuge in pleasure, just give me your future
...we'll forget your past
Oh mother of pearl, submarine lover in a shrinking world

Oh lonely dreamer, your choker provokes
A picture cameo
Oh mother of pearl, so so semi-precious in your detached world

Oh mother of pearl, I wouldn't trade you for another girl...
Oh mother of pearl, I wouldn't trade you for another girl...
Oh mother of pearl, I wouldn't trade you for another girl...