September 18th, 2000



Stocks have gotten me down... not that I own a lot of stock, but I do stand to profit based upon what a couple stocks in particular do. Lately though, the market has been disappointing. I can deal with two steps forward and one step back on a regular basis, but watching stocks take two steps forward, three back, and a few sideways on a regular basis is just depressing...

I have, therefore, changed my browser's homepage so it doesn't show me anything about the stock market. I don't want to know anymore...

Sure, I want my stocks to make me independently wealthy at a relatively young age... I want the freedom to do what I want with my life, and frankly, I want to get out of the Silicon Valley rat race before I burn out... but I don't want to spend all my time second guessing my life and my decisions, much less worrying or moping about factors that I cannot control.

I think the problem is that entirely too many people feel the way I do/did about the market. They get hyperfixated on this daily glut of financial information, they see that the market can go in other directions other than up, and then the FUD creeps in... and people lose even more money.

So, I am unleashing my latest manifesto for investors. Destroy/avoid all traces of stock quotes from your midst and start buying stocks based not on price, but on how well the company in question should do in the future... My auld acquaintance Rob would also recommend that you should also ritually burn an cash offering to drive the demons out of your psyche... and I think I would agree with him in this instance. I have a sneaking suspicion that if everyone did this, not only would we all make more money, but depression and mental illness would drop noticeably in the technology and financial centers of the world... Who knows... we might get more done at work, too!
>Gregorian chanting<
"There-by en-han-cing share-holder vaaaa-lue... praise be to the share-hol-der... Aaa-men..."