September 9th, 2000


Friday (last week) @ Burning Man

Urk... recollections getting hazier... must... fight... to keep control... of my mind...

Ok.. here's (approximately) what happened. K and I slept in late and woke up relatively refreshed and in a rather cuddly, amorous mood... though we were getting a bit tired of the leaky air mattress. She wanted to do a bit more resting and reorganizing of the tent area, while I took off in pursuit of whatever. I found a very cool little bar at about 8:30 and Throat... this guy was basically having to yell at people on the street to come up to his bar and have a drink... being a sane person, I didn't require quite so much encouragement. I went up there, had several drinks poured in a dusty glass and was all the happier for it. The place was extremely social, the clientele fun and chatty, and the bartender put up with difficult weather, pouring outside in the heat of the day, in the midst of duststorms, and then in the middle of a rain squall. Yes... I had a bit to drink, chatted with a few people, and generally enjoyed myself. When the weather subsided somewhat, I rushed back to camp, determined to make a large supply of Playa Coladas to bring to this most noble of bars. I babbled at Kirsten, and soon we were stickily preparing a several very large containers of rum-sodden beverage. We dressed up a bit for a nice trip to the bar, and then proceeded to stay for quite awhile.

It got windy and rainy soon after we arrived at the bar... fortunately, we ran into a marvelously cute creature called Misha who reminded me of a Tibetan Bjork. Very adorable and exotic... She came up to Kirsten, who was wearing a corset at the time, and said that she was sooooo beautiful... She then formed a spontaneous group hug which warmed us up toot sweet..! Kirsten, being somewhat unskilled in the art of flirtation, was pleasantly dumbfounded. All I can say upon relection is "Come back little Misha, wherever you are! We will make you some tea and strawberry cakes..."

We also celebrated the birthday of a rather social and slightly flirtatious girl in an Elvis suit, whose name escapes me. We drank vodka mixed with fruit juice, a bit of brandy, and some of our playa coladas... and a good time was had by all.

When I first arrived at the bar (before Kirsten went back with me) I ran into Stephan, a spiky haired blonde teen... couldn't have been much more than 18, if that... He was well and truly toasted when I left the first time... but when I came back, he was approaching hurlage. He wanted to go to another party, but he was obviously going to be a bit ill... We left the bar and started going towards the Pagan Lounge... Stephan followed us, walking his bike along the way... Suddenly, he stopped, regurgitating frothy liquid across the playa. No chunks... obviously, he was on a liquid diet. He did this about half a dozen more times... during one of these times, a woman ran up to Kirsten saying "Stay right here! I have something for you...!" She came back with red velveteen vest with gold embroidery... very nice! Kirsten was somewhat amazed at finding such a thing, but didn't have anything with her adequate to trade for the vest... she remembered some rather decadent Chinese fabric we had back at the tent... she came back with this, the woman was very happy, and the trade was cemented.

We proceeded to the Pagan Lounge, just in time to see Rosin Coven play... they were very cool indeed... somewhat like Rasputina w/ quirky, enjoyably sinister yet highly infectious gypsyesque string dance music. It felt like attending a gothic bar mitzvah... ;) Last I saw Stephan, he was stumbling around happily, disappearing now and then, presumably to free up some room for another drink.

During the show, we gave the members of Rosin Coven several of our beads to thank them for their music (great things to bring to Burning Man for gifts...) and adopted a feather boa. :) Soon enough, though, we had to go... Despite the somewhat shaky weather, I wanted to see Blue play again, and the time was nigh.

We started walking towards the Black Light District at around 3:00 and head. Unfortunately, after looking around the Black Light District, it became pretty clear that the show was not going to happen... probably due to rain. We checked out a place called Debbie's Petting Zoo at B.L.D... we had to check our shoes at the door. Inside, there was a somewhat decent rave kinda thing going on and a ton of cool lighting/visuals... but after a few minutes, rain showers began and the power cut off. We were left in the dark with a crowd of people, searching for our shoes... kinda sucky.

During the course of all this, Kirsten hurt her back somewhat... we stumbled back to camp, our tail between our legs. Entirely too much was canceled on Friday, unfortunately. This is one time where having sweltering days and warm nights might have been pretty damn nice...

Kirsten complained that she was cold the previous night because she slept against the side of the tent. I chose to take that side, though the side of the tent was wet... It was also extremely cold out that night, which made matters worse. Both of us were rather drunk and somewhat freezing, but we were kinda snuggled in separate sleeping bags. I dressed in several layers, including a warm coat, and managed to comfortably drift off to sleep. Kirsten, however, was not so well prepared; she would pay for it by freezing her ass off all night long... The funny thing is, she never complained or did anything about it. She must have been really drunk and really tired... She'd pay for it!

Late night television...

Tonight has been kinda slow. Kirsten seems to have gotten the flu... we were supposed to go over to our friend Terrea's, but Terrea flaked. It's not entirely her fault, since she is basically forced to live with someone who she is in the process of divorcing. She is a submissive and he is a rather inept dominant who has a lot of control issues... I hope he goes away soon so we can have our friend back.

I turned on the set a few minutes ago. AMC. King Kong is playing... the old, clay Kong. The great ape just busted into Anne Darrow's apartment and grabbed her.

o/~ "Whatever happened to Fay Wray? That delicate, satin-draped frame..."

(sigh) They shot Kong off the top of the building...

"Tom, the airplanes got him..."
"No, it wasn't the airplanes... it was beauty killed the beast."