September 4th, 2000


Watch Him B-U-U-U-R-R-N-N!!!!

Hello out there... I'm back from Burning Man, but have been rather preoccupied since my return.

I'm suffering from post-playa blues... Black Rock Desert has one of the least friendly environments imaginable.
Heat, wind, dust, rain, mud... all make you very conscious that you are living on the mercy of the land.
... you must adjust your ways appropriately to survive unscathed.

Um... but never mind that. Here are some of the pictures I took of the burn!
You may want to maximize your browser window for all this...

The Man... Pre-Flambe

The Burning Man, arms raised... Do you think he knows what's coming?!?

The Man... Ignited w/ fireworks

The Man is ignited... fireworks and sparks stream from his body.

The Man... streaming smoke and fiery sparks

Yes... it's the man.

A huge gaseous fireball, with The Man in the background.

The Man, fireworks released, goes into a nice slow burn... but a mighty machine in the foreground belches forth enormous mushroom clouds
of fire, warming the entire audience. A chaos flag flies in the center of the crowd.

The Man...  w/ fireworks

A batch of fireworks is triggered several minutes into the burn.

Obviously, I have much more to say about the entire trip... expect more soon!