August 29th, 2000


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Ok.. It's about 2. Still at work. In another hour, we'll be on our way to Burning Man. I didn't sleep all that well last night, probably since there were so many last minute things to think about. Kirsten has been a bit crabby for the same reasons... I guess both of us are a little anxious about the whole thing, but I told her to just think about it like a rollercoaster. We're strapped in, heading for the top of the first hill... hopelessly comitted... and it looks like a looong way down.

The biggest negative about this job, besides having nebulous management and practically nothing to do at this point, is that I no longer have direct access to my home PC from work... which means that I can't access my extensive collection of MP3's here. It is a good thing, therefore, that jwz broadcasts his entire mp3 collection on shuffle mode. He has to be one of the few people I know who has a CD collection that rivals mine.

Just so you know, jwz used to be a big time Netscape/Mozillan... and now he is the proprietor of the soon-to-open DNA Lounge in San Francisco. I met jwz while working for Covad, a major DSL provider. He needed a bit of advice regarding his somewhat unstable DSL connection... unfortunately, all I could tell him is that his ISP occasionally sucked, the phone company occasionally sucked, Covad occasionally sucked, and the combined scope of all that suckiness is why his connection couldn't stay up 24/7. In other words, he needs either a redundant DSL connection or he needs a T1. I'm not sure he liked that answer, however. He may be gruntled. I read on his site that he is going to Burning Man, though... Not sure what the chances are of running into someone in an impromptu city of 25,000. Guess we'll see... If I find a web browser, I'll leave a message here to let you all know how things are going... It's raining outside; looks like mud this year! Oh mai!
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