August 25th, 2000


The least searchable band on the Internet.

One band that is generally underrated is The The. You will probably not find The The in your search engine, but you can visit their rather excellent website. You won't find a lot of technical bells & whistles... but what other major label band do you know of that puts full (albeit Real Audio) versions of just about all of their songs online?

Looks like The The/Matt Johnson are having problems with their label... and are yet another one of the artists that are making a transition to a web-based D.I.Y. means of distribution. They are distributing free mp3's of their newest album NakedSelf from their site, one mp3 per week... and Matt has a mini-manifesto on the site against the corporate scum that are literally ruining his life. If you get the chance, catch The The on their U.S. tour. I'll be there...!

A biological need to swoon...

I have one. I'll get into that subject later...

It seems odd that I have been with Kirsten for over a decade now... at least I don't look it quite yet. If I were to compare how I think with how I thought when I was younger... well, emotionally, I think better... I'm more emotionally mature and controlled, less depressed... stronger self esteem, etc. Mentally, I'm not always sure I have quite the degree of sharpness (or energy) that I used to have, but I certainly know more than I used to, which more than equals out so far. Eventually, entropy will catch up to all of us though... things fall apart.

The older I get, the more I feel that society has it all reversed... the older you get, the more societal encouragement we should give each other to do something arbitrary and relatively non-destructive, like dying your hair florescent plaid, or getting that septum piercing you've always wondered about... rites of passage. It would be good to be in a society where you can tell who all the elders were by their multiple tattoos, scars, piercings, etc. No one would ever be considered senile anymore... they would just be "channeling the spirits..."

As for a biological need to swoon, well... I still have that. I love Kirsten, but I don't have that new relationship energy swoon kinda thing with her... and I don't think I would like to imagine a life without that. She, thankfully, feels the same way regarding her interest in women. Life isn't supposed to be locked in a static state, and monogamy is essentially contrary to the way the human animal (and especially the human male) would naturally live. Still, Kirsten can give me the best or... well... let's just say she knows the topography of my physique. The cuddling isn't bad either.