August 23rd, 2000


Creativity vs. Usability... the URRRGH factor.

You know... every few months, I see a really good article on web site design/usability that just completely contradicts with my creative side. An argument ensues inside me, my personality is ripped in two, and the paradox dissolves my sanity until I am left naked, helpless, in a fetal position, crying on my bathroom floor. (well, not really, but you get the idea...)

Mr. Usability:
You really should design a site that serves a purpose... What is the point (or the need) for just another ego-oriented website... another fashion plate? You should be out building online communities that matter. Just take a look at the article that Phillip Greenspun wrote on purposeful communities... don't you want a popular site that actually brings people together? If you're going to do a site like that, you really should forget about Flash animation, too... it's just what it says it is... Flash. It doesn't improve usability, it wastes bandwidth without conveying information more effectively, and it doesn't even work on every browser. Do you really think that you know more about web design than Jakob Nielsen? I mean, the guy charges $30K a day just to review websites and improve usability."

Mr. Creativity:
"Screw usability. I like sights that aren't always instinctive... that are unpredictable... that are beautiful and creative. There is very little on the web that is more beautiful and moving than entropy8zuper, but the interface there is far from instinctual... you have to search for it. You have to be creative... you have to explore the beauty and emotions, which unfold like a flower.
What do you want to live for anyway? Art or a faster, text-based website?!!"

Someone pass me a box of Kleenex and a blanket. I'm going to be crying for awhile and the tile on the bathroom floor gets so cold at night...

Irregular Sleep Patterns...

I sleep funny. That is to say, I don't seem to sleep nearly enough. It's not that I can't, or that I wouldn't like to, but there are only so many hours in the day and so much to do! I am a pretty voracious reader, writer, and creator, and sleep gets in the way of this process.

Lately, I have been subsisting on catnaps, only to wake up thinking webby thoughts... I guess it is an important thing for me at this point to actually use the web to do something... just what, I can't quite say, but I'm getting there!

Bad news... the Flirt dance has been cancelled. It was going to be the highlight of my weekend! Well, there's always something else... I'm just at a loss to say what quite yet.

Good news. They switched out the pinball machine at work. Good thing, since the ball was sticking in some very inconvenient places. Now we have a Johnny Mnemonic game. Did I spell that right? Does anyone actually use that word, much less write it? I like words, but jeez... who designed that one??! You can't even speak the damn word, much less spell it. I'm tempted to say pneumatic rather than mnem... um... however that word is spelled. Thinking about Sesame Street now... remember that old song they did?
"Me-num-a-na... Doo doo dee doo doo..." I think I will sing that next time I hear that accursed m word.
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