August 22nd, 2000


Gettin' sticky wid' it...

Um.. ok. I'm officially exhausted. Been a long day after a long night... lots of meetings which I almost fell asleep in.

I did manage to update my website... kinda. Problem was that I had this whole opening intro that materialized into my links... which then linked to standard HTML pages. Hitting the back button at that point would start the whole intro all over again. Bad idea. I think I'll just have to do my entire site in Flash.

I read a very cool article at Robert X. Cringely's I, Cringely website. It talks about who has the stickiest websites out there... websites where people visit, have fun, create, interact, and never want to leave. The stickiest websites build online communities based primarily on the contributions and involvement of its users. Is this a good definition of LiveJournal or what?

It's something for all of us to consider when we work on our websites... the best sites get people involved in creating content, communicating, having fun, and sharing rich, emotionally satisfying experiences.

I think I want to put an arbitrary picture into this post, just to break things up a bit. So here... I found the image below at a site for UV Body Art.