Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The eve after eve after eve after New Years Eve party...

Sure, you celebrated the new year and went out on the town... so what now?

Come celebrate Friday January the 3rd, and count down as the clock ticks over from 10:27 pm to 10:28 pm! Watch the potato drop, ushering in the new minute! Celebrate the moment, but don't stay up quite so late!

There will be food, games, DVDs, music, conversation, or whatever else people feel like doing. There will also be people... guests are encouraged to come up with eccentric new traditions to pay tribute to an arbitrary minute!

This will be a black, fuzzy affair, so wear something black and fuzzy. Actually, it doesn't have to be black at all -- any color will do in a pinch -- but it really does have to be fuzzy and fabulous. Cocoa and hugs will be provided!

We welcome your warm fuzziness and charming eccentricities... we'd also like to invite others online to come up with novel ways of celebrating the new minute!

Email me for directions, information, or if you'd like to celebrate 10:28 pm at a sister event or online. Help create a new tradition. Who knows? We could become the next Kwanzaa!

- m.

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