Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

No plans for New Year's Eve?!

Then come over here tonight. Really.
iceblink and our guest charlottesmtms decided that they didn't want to go out tonight afterall. So, they want to invite everyone here. To our place in Santa Clara. At the last minute. On NYE. I kid you not.

So, looks like we'll have a pre-housewarming shindig tonight, and you're invited. Come over, drink our alcohol, eat our food, see the new place, socialize, play games, watch movies, flirt with our men/women, do something horribly embarrassing, and act like a fool until we kick you out. Bring your friends. It's free. It should be fun. The female to male ratio is even looking pretty good...

email me or phone ( 408 ) 205-6888 for directions and driving information.

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