Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Lifestyle upgrades

First off, I am going to change the Insomnia's Itinerary link on my LJ page...
blows goats. Slow, slow, slow!!! And it doesn't even work well! I found, though... much, much better. Hopefully I will have something completed and imbedded into a webpage today. I need to get organized, and this will help.

Besides that, I recently discovered Sandrini's LJ after she posted a message to me about the Dirty Three. She mentioned something somewhere about Kriek and I immediately started jonesing... Kriek, for those who haven't experienced the bliss, is a type of beer aged in oak barrels, and then infused with cherry juice to create a second fermentation. It has qualities that are both fruity and dark... sweet, but not overbearing... It is probably as close to liquid bliss as I can envisage... nectar of the gods. Unfortunately, it is hard to find and tends to cost about $7 for a single 12 oz. bottle when you do find it. Nobody in the U.S. seems to make something comparable, so it is one of those occasional pleasures. Well, I have Kriek Lambic. I will enjoy my Kriek today.
Yum! Belgian Kreik Lambic... a great thing indeed!
Sigh... either I need more Kriek, or America needs better beer. I've got to go to Belgium some day. Mecca to the world's most decadent beer!

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