Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Take the RIAA's money!

As you probably are aware, RIAA stands for the Recording Industry Association of America. They are the group that basically goes around enforcing all sorts of greedy, excessive copyright regulations... targeting .mp3 users, for instance, or trying to force manufacturers to change their goods so that your right to legally copy or back up CDs or DVD's no longer exists in reality, and forcing you to upgrade your electronics devices. They're also the ones behind the lingering death of streaming radio over the Internet, due to their excessive royalties, the ones who charge restaurants if their employees listen to the radio, who killed Napster and Audiogalaxy as we know it, etc.

The RIAA claims this right to extrort this money from consumers and businesses because they distribute some of this money back to the artists and musicians. However, the truth of the matter is that most of the money winds up in their pockets are in the pockets of the record labels. That which is distributed to artists tends to be distributed in an unfair manner, primarily towards those musicians that get a lot of radio airplay, at the expense of others.

However, there's something you can do about this... it looks like the RIAA overcharged people for purchasing CDs, basically engaging in price fixing. They sold CDs to stores with a minimum advertised price which they enforced, thereby artificially inflating the prices consumers paid for CDs for years. Well, they were sued and forced to settle the lawsuit for $67 million... and you can get a piece of that money! Simply file online to get your share!

The best part of this is you will be taking money out of the pockets of an organization that is trying to degrade and destroy your rights, thereby making them less effective in doing so. Sounds like a good idea, eh?!

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