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Day 4 of the new job...

Um... I swear that I did practically nothing today, with the exception of installing software on my system and reading sparse engineering docs on a forthcoming piece o' software that will ship by the end of October. If nothing is happening now, documentation-wise, I can only imagine just how hectic things will be by October. Maybe I should take the time to better familiarize myself with the pinball game in the cafeteria... free game play, of course. Wish they had an old Battlezone though.

I should have a chance to enjoy myself before things get into crunch mode... Next week is Burning Man, Friday night is the Anything That Moves "Flirt" dance, and sometime this weekend, I assume I am going on a boat trip of the bay... and there's also an upcoming trip to Vegas, which will probably be after October.

I probably pissed off my first fellow employee today. I was in the cafeteria when two marketing drones came in with VERY large, expensive looking placard that looked like it would take up a rather large wall to display. Turns out the placard had the company's mission statement on it.

"Um... I'm sure you wanted to use the word where, not were."

"Really? Ohmygod, you're right! I wonder how that got in there?" >cringe<

"Well, I checked our internal website the other day... it's misspelled there too."

Um... just for future reference, I don't think I will tell you where it is that I work. I somehow think that I will have plenty of chances to embarass my company here, but I don't want to drive the stock price down. ;)

Got shown around to the employees today... sort of a meet'n'greet so that I will be somewhat familiar with all the people here before crunch time. During the tour, I was surprised to find that one person had what could only be called a fully stocked bar in his office, replete with Bombay Sapphire gin. Apparently the bar is used for software release parties. I think I'm going to like this software release... even if it kills me.

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