Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

unexpected windfalls and general downpours...

I hear from my sister that my mother has done something rather unexpected... she's signed a disclaimer of estate form for my grandfather's estate. Basically, my mother is nearly worth a million dollars, so rather than have my grandfather's estate go to her, meaning far higher estate taxes once she passes on, my Grandfather Neale's estate will now be split three ways between my sister, brother, and myself. So, sometime in the near future, we'll have about $80,000 wired into our account.

Um.. gasp. That should solve any financial issues Kirsten and I might have. We'll be rather poor until it arrives, however. Sure hope it makes it here in time for Christmas...

What to do with $80,000:
- Pay off all our bills.
- Get about $50K properly invested for the longterm.
- Take a trip somewhere with Kirsten. Europe, I think.
- Get a hot tub.
- Have that housewarming party we've been promising for so long.
- Pie for everyone!

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