Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

not much to say, really...

So, it's after Thanksgiving and Kirsten and I are at the house. Her wrist is broken, my back is still giving me some trouble. I think I'll start doing back exercises and see if that helps. Also, both our computers have decided that SBC/Yahoo's DSL software install really, really sucks and refuse to work with it. So, don't expect too much communication out of me until it's fixed.

So, things are running a bit late... I was hoping to have the housewarming party on Sat. Dec. 7th (which would have coincided nicely with my birthday) but at this rate, I think we're looking at something more along the lines of Dec. 21st, which would make it a pre-Christmas party. Everything is starting to work itself out, I think... but slowly, and with great effort.

The most effortlessly successful thing about the new place has been the bird feeder, really. Thinking about setting up a cam for it, as it gets a lot of visitors, both birds and squirrels.

Finally had some time to listen to the Sigur Ros CD's we purchased. (I had previously been relegated to mp3s...) Nice to have the albums, as it adds to the experience. It's interesting that everyone considers them so clever for not having "real lyrics" in any distinct language. That's hardly a new thing. Really, there's nothing I can think of about Sigur Ros that is new... it just sounds lovely. Maybe not quite as lovely as Slowdive, but lovely nonetheless.

I do like that they called their gibberish language Hopelandic, however. Seems appropriate.

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